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Early Treatment

Little Boy

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children see an orthodontist at age 7. This is the age when the first few teeth start to erupt. There are situations that may warrant early treatment. There are also many children that we place on a recall appointment until the teeth develop further. Some of the most common problems that would lead to early treatment include:

• Thumb sucking habit: At this age some children will have a thumb sucking habit that can lead to protruded front teeth and even cause bone or skeletal changes. When treated early, the bone moves easily and the habit can be corrected before more damage occurs.
• Tongue thrusting/anterior openbite: Protruding the tongue through the front teeth during swallowing or during speech. The front teeth do not meet.
• Crossbite of the back or front teeth: This is when the upper teeth are not out and over the lower teeth. In the front, you would notice that the front teeth are going behind the lower teethor back teeth are resting inside the lower teeth. This is easily corrected at an early age and can provide space for other teeth to erupt.
• Severe crowding: Crowding that prevents teeth from being able to erupt.
• Severe spacing: Teeth that are spread out take up more room and can prevent other teeth from erupting.
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