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Braces have many pieces and parts. It is very common for a new part to rub and irritate for the first week. Sometimes teeth will move and leave the wire poking in the back or place the tooth in a new position that will take time for the tongue or cheeks to adjust. The following information can help you evaluate your situation. We always have someome on call if you need to discuss your problem with us.

Girl with Braces

Lost separators: Please call the office and leave a message if we are closed and someone will contact you on the next office day.

Loose brace or bracket on the front teeth: A loose brace or bracket is not a problem. Often patient's are not even aware that a brace has been broken. The brace will stay attached to the wire but can slide or flip on the wire. Please contact the office to schedule a repair appointment or leave a message if the office is closed and we will contact you on the next office day. In the meantime, if there is any irritation, dry the area and place a piece of wax.

Poking wires in the back: This often requires coming into the office to have the wire clipped. This is usually good news and means that your teeth are moving!!

Ring or band is loose on a back tooth: The band will have to be recemented. If you can, remove the band, and call our office. Leave a message if we are closed and we will call on our next business day to schedule a repair appointment. Please bring your band to that appointment! If you can not remove the band, please call us so that we can repair it. A loose band could be swallowed or aspirated and requries a repair.

A small or twisty wire is poking: These ligature ties or wires are often pulled out from chewing or brushing and can be easily tucked back under the wire with a pencil eraser.