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First Day With Braces

Today is your big day! Congratulations for making a decision to improve your smile and bite!!

Little Boy With Braces

Placing the rings or bands on the back teeth: The process of placing the braces is not difficult. We will first remove the little separators or small rubber bands between your back teeth that were placed at your last appointment. These are usually in place 7 to 14 days and create a small space so that rings or bands can be placed on your back teeth. We take a ring or band and try it on your tooth. It may be too big or small and will require a little time to find one that fits your tooth perfectly. You will help us by biting on a bite stick to push the band down onto the tooth.

After the rings or bands have been fitted to your teeth, we will place glue or cement inside them and replace them on your teeth. This allows them to stay tightly on your teeth during chewing. We then hold a small light on your tooth to harden the cement. The cement is very sour and will give you a little pucker for a few seconds, then we will rinse your mouth with water to remove the taste.

Placing the braces or brackets on your front teeth: To place the braces on your front teeth, we place plastic retractors to hold your lips and tongue out of the way. It just stretches your lips a little, so if you have chapped lips, use chapstick or vaseline to prevent irritation. There is a small place to rest your tongue during this procedure.

The first step is to place an etchant material. It is a blue material in a syringe. It is NOT A SHOT!! It is just a syringe to squirt a small amount of blue material on the front of your teeth. The blue material has to sit for 15 to 30 seconds. Then we give your teeth a bath by rinsing with water and drying with air. We use a small q-tip to rub a material on the front of your teeth to get them prepared for the braces. A small amount of air will spread the solution. Then each brace has a tiny dot of cement or glue applied to the back of it and it is rested on the tooth surface. We then remove any extra cement that appears around the edges. The cement or glue is then hardened once again by a small light held over each tooth. This will take a few minutes.

Braces are on!! You can now rinse and brush at the sink to remove any taste from the cement. We will place a wire into your braces to start tooth movement. We will also go over brushing, what to eat, etc. You will be given wax to place on your braces if any areas should rub during this first week. Please do not drink carbonated drinks for 24 hours. We ask that you are very careful for 24 hours. The cement or glue needs 24 hours to get to it's full strength. So for one day, eat a soft diet and be careful.