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Oral Hygiene Instruction

Keeping your teeth clean during orthodontic treatment is extremely important. Brushing and flossing to remove excess plaque that accumulates on the teeth is needed to prevent the development of decalcification or permanent white marks on the teeth. Diet is an important factor as well. Eating a lot of candy, drinking soda, Gatorade, sweet tea, and even milk contain high levels of sugar that can aid in the formation of decalcification or cavities. If you eat or drink these items please remember to brush thoroughly and frequently. Please continue to go to your dentist for your cleaning appointments every 6 months.

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Brushing removes the sticky plaque that is full of bacteria that develops on the tooth surface. To clean properly, take your toothbrush and make a circular motion concentrating on one tooth at a time. The Oral B toothbrush that is included in your treatment has a timer that wil let you know when to switch to one of four areas of the mouth to brush. Take notice of the area under posts and between the edge of your gums and the brackets. This is an area that tends to collect more plaque. We provide small triangular brushes to go under the wire and around the brackets to make sure that all areas are clean. Lastly, do not forget to brush your tongue!!


Flossing with orthodontics appliances requires extra tools and time. A floss threader is shaped like a sewing needle with a pointed end to feed between the teeth and a loop end to hold the floss. First start by feeding the floss through the loop end. The floss with be two strands hanging from the loop. With the needle end, feed the floss threader between the teeth pulling the floss through to the other side of the tooth. After the floss is between the teeth, wrap the floss around the tooth crown in a "C" shape and slide up and down the tooth surface. Gently move the floss to the adjacent tooth and again make a "C" shape and slide up and down this tooth surface. Pull the floss out when finished and reuse your floss threader to pull floss in between the next two teeth. You can purchase waterpiks and electric flossers that can also aid in getting in between the teeth. We usually keep these items in stock at the office.


In your initial start up kit, you received a tube of fluoride gel. Fluoride soaks into the teeth and strengthens them to prevent decalcification and cavities. Please brush on the fluoride gel every night before bed. It is important do not eat or drink after it is placed.

We recommend using a fluoridated toothpaste, like Crest, for brushing. We also may recommend a cavity varnish that gives the teeth an extra fluoride boost in cases where brushing is not adequate. If you have a cavity varnish placed, you should not eat or drink for 30 minutes. It is also recommended that you not brush your teeth for 6 hours to allow the fluoride to penetrate into the tooth enamel.

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Excellent dental care!! Nice healthy firm pink gum tissue with uniform color of the teeth. Your teeth should be healthy with no white spots or scars after your braces are removed, if you clean properly during your orthodontic treatment.

Brace Information

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